Studer MDCI 100 DC/DC Converter

Studer MDCI 100 DC/DC Converter


The MDCI type DC/DC converters are used, depending on the model, either to step up or to step down a DC voltage.

The MDCI range converters are electrically isolated.

Input Variant:
Output Variant:
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DC-DC Converters

It is usually more efficient to store and use battery energy at a higher voltage eg 48V.  However, if you wish to use DC devices such as lights, motors or pumps which are more readily available in lower voltages like 12V or 24V, then a DCDC Converter can be employed.


Input Voltage (VDC) - A/B/C/D

Output Voltage (VDC) - 12.5/24.0

Output Current (A) - 8/4

Rated Power (W) - 100