Studer MBR 12/24-500

Studer MBR 12/24-500


The Studer MBR range of battery separators are microprocessor controlled. They first charge the main battery, from a charger or an alternator, then the other batteries by connecting them in parallel.

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Voltage Sensitive Relays

If you plan to have two independant battery banks but you only have a single source of charge and would like to charge them both up at the same time without having them permanently connected electrically, then you could use a Voltage Sensitive Relay connected between them.  When the bank connected to a form of charge is being charged, the voltage rises up and the relay closes and connects the two battery banks together.  They both now get charged as if they were one big battery bank.  When the source of charge is turned off, the voltage decays to the natural voltage of the battery under load and the relay opens - disconnecting the two batteries from one another.


Current Rating (A) - 500

RemoteContact Control - Yes