Studer BSP 500

Studer BSP 500


For use in conjunction with a Studer Xtender.

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Battery Monitors

One of the key pieces of equipment in any battery based stand-by or off-grid installation is a battery monitoring system.  It is not accurate enough to use battery voltage as the primary indication of charge state.  The state of charge of a battery bank is fundamentally the battery voltage, but temperature of the battery must be taken into account and certainly, if the battery is working (being charged or discharged), the voltage is affected and so it is not an accurate reflection of the true SoC (State of Charge) at any point in time.  Using Peukerts coefficient and an algorithm in a microprocessor coupled to a shunt, modern battery monitors can accurately establish SoC, time to run before battery exhaustion, percentage of charge remaining and alert the end user when the batteries must be recharged.


Battery Banks Monitored - 1

Volt Range (VDC) - 12-24

Maximum Current (A) - 500