Off-Grid Power

Anywhere electrical power is needed and no connection to the mains grid is available – then we can offer a solution; an off-grid power system. This can be as simple as a solar panel, a battery and an inverter for a remote hut up to an integrated autonomous system using solar, wind and diesel generator to provide continuous 230V to the building whether it is a home, workshop or office.

For a simple system, we can offer inverters with built in solar regulators to facilitate the easiest of installation.

A Hybrid system uses a number of sources of energy. By using sophisticated power management components, we can set up a system which automatically manages these resources intelligently. The result is that we can ensure the power supply is secure while optimising sources of energy to keep costs down.

A Hybrid system can comprise some or all components according to the location and use of the building or systems being powered.

Whether a system will benefit most from PV (solar panels) or wind turbines or both, will be based on solar gain and mean surface wind speed data for the region.

If the building is not close to the grid, the cost of even a large system is usually significantly lower than the cost of having a mains supply run to the location from the grid. In countries where utilities companies are obliged to offer payment for micro-power generation, such a system can earn revenue – even if not injecting power to the grid.

Finally, the term off-grid power is also pertinant to remote electrical installations which may be temporary CCTV security cameras at building sites, road side warning signs or a music festival in a field. From providing a few hundred watts to many kilowatts - it's all possible!