Advance Off-Grid are the UK distributor for Cristec and Studer high performance battery chargers

12V Battery Chargers

Modern switchmode battery chargers are essential to ensure long life and high performance from batteries used in any DC power system.  Cristec multi-stage battery chargers will work with all battery types.

24V Battery Chargers

Battery chargers from Cristec & Studer feature multi-stage charging curves.  The latest Cristec YPOWER chargers have 5-stage charging regimes.  All the chargers will work on any mains power supply.

48V Battery Chargers

Cristec battery chargers can be paralleled to increase the total charge output.  They can also be used as a stand-alone stabilised power supply too.  So, our 48V chargers are ideal as telcomms power supplies.


Battery Charger Downloads

Download manuals and datasheets.