Battery Chargers

Batteries represent a significant proportion of the cost of an off-grid or back-up system cost, so it pays to take good care of this investment. Batteries require constant proper care throughout their lives to ensure they perform as well as they can and the most important part of good battery care is proper charging. Proper charging means restoring the charge state back to full state of charge and then keeping it there with a maintenance charge.  This is only possible with modern multi-stage HF switch-mode automatic battery chargers. All our battery chargers meet this criteria, so whichever output is right for you, the charger will be the right one for your batteries.

Multi-Stage Charging Profiles

The vast majority of battery banks today use lead acid technology (either some form of sealed or open vented wet cells). Charging these batteries correctly and then maintaining their charge state properly requires the charger to alter its behaviour when the batteries are at different stages of this process; they are multi-stage chargers. The stages we want to have available to us are typically; bulk, absorption and float. Other stages that may be available are refresh (periodic absorption), equalise and reduced float as extra stages are sometimes useful for more sophisticated battery care programmes. Cristec battery chargers all have multi stage charge profiles; the new YPOWER chargers having up to 5 stages.

Adaptive Charging Programmes

The specific voltage preferred, during the various stages of charging, varies slightly between different types of battery - GEL, AGM, Flooded Wet Cell, Calcium-Lead, Lithium, etc. All our battery chargers are suitable for use with all types of battery and where fine adjustment is recommended, they have preset profiles selected by internal switches.

Universal AC Power Acceptance

All our battery chargers will work on mains power of varying sources, 110V/60Hz (USA), 115V/50Hz (UK Work Site Supply), 230V/50Hz (UK norm); basically anything in the range 90-265VAC / 47-65Hz. If your supply is less than perfect - our chargers will still do their job (this does not apply to the 24V/150A which is only avaliable in 400V 3-phase unit).



High Temperature Performance

The high quality of the power electronics used in the manufacture of our battery chargers gives them the ability to provide their full rated charge output in a hot environment - they do not begin to de-rate until over 60 deg C (YPOWER) and 50 deg C (CPS3). Many chargers with poorer quality power electronics will only produce half their rated charge output when the temperature is barely 30 deg C. So, you may think a cheap charger will be just as good at bringing the batteries back to full charge, but in a warm environment they won't and so you suffer premature decay of the battery bank through sulphation.

Parallel Stacking

The bigger the battery bank, the larger the charge current we need to apply to get the battery bank charged back up to its correct fully charged state in a timely manner. If you need a bigger charger than is available, Cristec chargers can be 'stacked' - combined in parallel to give a much bigger output.

It All Adds Up

Saving money by buying a cheap battery charger is a false economy; remember, buying the best quality chargers from Cristec will save you a lot more in the long term - they will properly protect, for many years, an expensive asset - your battery bank.

And Finally - they can be used as a Power Supply too!

All our chargers can also be used as Stable Power Supplies. They do not even need to be connected to a battery to supply a nominal voltage and will happily supply this voltage to a connected device whilst delivering up to their rated current on demand. So if you have an industrial requirement to drive a DC machine to do a job of work or, you wish to bench test products being manufactured for motor vehlicles which have a large current draw- then a Cristec battery charger can provide the solution!


Cristec Battery Charger Range

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Model Charge Output (A) Voltage No. of Outputs
CPS70-1A 6 12 1
CPS140-1A 12 12 1
YPOWER 12-16 16 12 3
YPOWER 12-25 25 12 3
YPOWER 12-40 40 12 3
YPOWER 12-60 60 12 3
HPOWER 12-90 90 12 3
CPS70-2A 6 24 1
CPS120-2A 12 24 1
YPOWER 24-12 12 24 3
YPOWER 24-20 20 24 3
YPOWER 24-30 30 24 3
HPOWER 24-45 45 24 3
HPOWER 24-60 60 24 3
HPOWER 24-80 120 80 1
HPOWER 24-100 100 80 1
CPS3 48-30 30 48 3
CPS3 48-60 60 48 1
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