Advance Off-Grid are a 'Qualified Service Partner' distributor for Studer products and also offer Victron Energy inverter products

12V Inverter Chargers

Acting as 12V battery chargers when mains is available and 230V inverters when it is not, these units can also supplement an incoming power source with inverter power, helping to prevent it being overloaded.

24V Inverter Chargers

 Functioning as a 24V battery chargers when mains is available and a mains inverter when it is not, they can also add inverter power to assist an incoming power source, preventing it from being overloaded.

48V Inverter Chargers

The best format for off-grid or grid back-up, these units act as a 48V battery charger when mains is available and supply 230V inverter power when it is not or, to assist a weak supply when it is being overloaded.



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