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Off-Grid Power Solutions
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Battery Chargers

Batteries require constant proper care throughout their lives to ensure they perform as well as they can and the most important part of good battery care is proper charging. This is only possible with modern multi-stage HF switch-mode automatic battery chargers. All our battery chargers meet this criteria, so whichever output is right for you, the charger will be the right one for your batteries.


Inverter Chargers

Inverters produce an AC mains output from a battery bank DC supply. In many cases this is used as a back-up in case a grid supply fails. Once the grid comes back on line, the inverter is no longer needed, but we need to replenish the energy consumed from the battery bank.



Inverters provide a source of AC power from a battery, when none is available from the grid or a generator. They are available in different sizes, so you simply choose the unit which will be able to supply the total load you may demand at any point in time. They can be very small if they only need to supply enough power for remote monitoring or a back-up to a security system and they can be large, capable of providing full domestic consumer loads.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers are used when solar panels are used to charge a battery bank. They regulate the high DC voltage generated by solar panels (PV generators) to a nominal value acceptable to a battery bank; eg 12V, 24V and 48V. Each controller will have a maximum current capability, so a controller is selected based on the maximum potential charge current that could be generated by the solar panels.



Rolls batteries are manufactured by the Surrette Battery Company of Nova Scotia, Canada and have been in the business of making high quality batteries since 1935. With over 80 years experience, they have built a well earned reputation for producing quality batteries with long cyclic lives and industry leading warranties.



The components featured in this section are those which make a good system great. It is no good generating power if you then transfer it from one place to another inefficiently or, if storing energy, you don't know how much you have or can't establish how much you actually need.


Off-Grid Applications