Rolls 4KS25P 4 Volt Battery

Rolls 4KS25P 4 Volt Battery


Rolls batteries are manufactured by the Surrette Battery Company of Nova Scotia, Canada and have been in the business of making high quality batteries since 1935. With over 80 years experience, they have built a well earned reputation for producing quality batteries with long cyclic lives and industry leading warranties.

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Rolls Batteries

Batteries are the essential cornerstone of an off-grid or back-up system. The vast majority of batteries used in this sector use lead-acid technology but there is a growing interest in Lithium Ion batteries. Here we only focus on lead-acid as it is still far and away the most cost effective and user friendly method to store energy.

Batteries are an expensive part of a system and their cost arises from one simple aspect - they use a lot of the commodity lead.  The cost of batteries used to act as the energy store in an off-grid or back--up system will probably be a large proportion of the total system budget. As the bulk of this cost is unavoidable - the lead - it makes sense not to waste the money being invested, by buying the wrong type of battery or buying poor quality batteries.

In very simplistic terms, batteries (when connected in an electrical circuit) produce electrical current as the sulphuric acid reacts with the lead plates to form lead sulphate and, ultimately, water. When we recharge the battery we apply an electric current to reverse the process and reconvert it back to sulphuric acid and lead. When you hear people say that a battery should not be discharged fully - it is because allowing the lead and sulphuric acid to fully convert to lead sulphate and water makes it very difficult to reverse the reaction as water does not conduct electricity very well. So we try to ensure the 'electrolyte' (acid) remains at least a little bit acidic! This process will occur every time we discharge and recharge a battery, so we want this process to be as successful as possible (charge efficiency) and we want the battery to be able to do this as many times as possible (cyclic life). How well a battery does this is, in no small way, down to the design and manufacture of the battery. So, buying the right type of battery is important, but so is getting a good quality battery from a reputable battery manufacturer; it will save you lots of money in the long term.

What lead acid battery is best?

First of all, batteries are made differently to do different jobs. Batteries used to start cars are not the best type for storage and deep discharge; deep cycle batteries are unnecessarily heavy and have slower current delivery in cold weather to start cars. There really is no single battery good for all jobs (although AGM technology is the closest to this dream). For small to medium scale energy storage, Rolls deep cycle AGM batteries are excellent as they require no maintenance. Flooded wet cell deep cycle lead acid batteries are a better solution for large battery banks where the higher capital cost of a big system necessitates the longest cyclic life possible. However, wet cell technology requires the end user to take care of battery maintenance which involves time or cost and these batteries will vent gas in their normal operation, so the batteries need to be in a well ventilated storage area.


Capacity - 1350 Ah

Dimensions - 400x270x629

Weight - 143Kg